In Focus: Lucy Alston

In focus: Lucy Alston


We introduce Lucy AlstonStylist, Content Creator & Art DirectorHalf British, half French, Lucy takes a less is more approach to style and is well known for her Restyle Reuse Repurpose series. We met at Lucy's South East London home to discuss fashion inspiration, sustainability and her style.

Can you tell us a little about your career journey to date? 

So I started out in visual merchandising and visual display in retail and gradually moved on into styling and trend forecasting for the same company in house, reporting into the creative director and the marketing department. The job was really quite organic and took on many different aspects of creative work that went on behind the scenes. I ended up overseeing all aspects of styling and being involved in many of the creative projects/strategy right from campaign to store windows which I found really rewarding, I learnt so much and got to work
with some amazing people in the industry, that we’d bring on as creative freelancers, from editors to photographers, make up artists and hair stylists. As budgets were cut and the brands proposition changed from being aspiring to needing to hit margins my passion really wilted! I left after a very long time there,  to work for a luxury fashion concierge, I was fashion editor on the creative team there and oversaw the introduction of editorial/magazine style shoppable stories for Instagram. This was a whole new ball game and was great in terms of me learning to navigate a very different landscape, despite it being quite tough at times, due to many different factors, I was happy for the experience and to have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing luxury brands. After a year there I decided to go freelance as a stylist and art director and worked on a few lovely projects with small independent brands, then the pandemic came and changed a lot!! I now work primarily on Instagram as a content creator promoting brands, so I do what I’ve always done, but I am the whole production; Stylist, art director, producer, model, editor and I really love it! 

What is your most memorable /pinch me moment?

Oh gosh I think it was when we worked with Katie Grand on a campaign! It was years ago now! Or when I styled my very first look book shoot and saw all my moodboard planning come to life! 

You describe yourself as half French half British… how do you think this background has informed who you are today?

I realise now how lucky we were being able to spend long summers in the south of France and being able to speak fluent French. I always felt embarrassed at a British school when my mum would speak French to me, I wanted to be like all the other kids and just blend in. 
I think culturally it’s shaped me I have such fond memories of ‘les vacances’ and the very french way of life we’d live for those 6 weeks spent with my bonkers big french family! 
Fashion wise I always looked up to my older cousin, she was and still is super chic, at the time in the 90s she would wear bodycon black, had a leather Chanel backpack and ride a cute black Vespa. I’d sit patiently waiting for her to have a clear out to get her hand me downs, but never got that backpack : )

Who are your top 4/5 designers?

Yves Saint Laurent, Lemaire, The Row & Virginie Viard at Chanel 

What is your favourite Arc candle? 

I love all of them! I particularly like the design of the vessel it’s just so beautiful.


If you could invite a table of guests to dinner, (past or present) who would it be? 

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss , Harry Styles , Frank Ocean , Louis Theroux, Michelle Obama , Pamela Anderson , Nelson Mandela , The Dalai Lama, Madonna 




If you could raid the wardrobe of anyone, who’s would it be?

Ooooh good question I think it would have to be Françoise Hardy, Jane Birkin or Bianca Jagger from the 1960s-80s. Also Grace Kelly’s wardrobe would be absolutely amazing to raid! I actually don’t like borrowing peoples clothes so it would be purely from a point of interest and like looking through the archives which I absolutely love doing! 

Absolute favourite piece you own?

My The Frankie Shop navy crombie coat and vintage black tux blazer I got from a charity shop. 

We LOVE your Restyle Reuse Repurpose content series. Tell us more about how this came about?

It came from a want to use my skill set over lock down and a real feeling of wanting to positively promote shopping your own wardrobe and loving the pieces you already have. 

How important is sustainability in fashion to you?

Very much so, especially as I’ve gotten older and have a much better sense of my own personal style and how I want to dress and express myself. There are so many more brands creating beautiful collections with the planet in mind and I love how secondhand shopping can be luxurious and exciting, with the likes of The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and the latest curated luxury secondhand retailer Reluxe, founded by super stylist Clare Richardson


Your house is très chic! What were your influences when renovating and what’s your favourite thing in the house?

Ahhh thank you! I feel like It truly takes years to cultivate a warm and unique home with your stamp on it, it’s a culmination of collecting things over time with the addition of a few new bits along the way, I love mixing new and old in the home I like a home to look lived in yet be functional and clean, I think those two elements juxtaposed work well together somehow…

How would you describe your style?

A mix of minimal yet timeless with sprinkling of french chic : ) 

Where do you look to for inspiration?

Everywhere! Anything that I spot and interests me is inspiring to me, from a trip to the museum to a walk down the high street : ) 

If you’re settling in for the evening what music would you be playing?

I have very eclectic taste in music one minute I’ll be listening to rap the next classical or jazz, whatever the mood takes me I guess! 


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