In Focus: Rosalie & Myles

In focus: Rosalie & Myles



Meet the creative couple who exude a certain je n'ai sais quoi. Rosalie, a model/stylist and content creator and Myles, a DJ/photographer bring their own dimension to style that is inimitable.

Read on to find out what inspired them to make the move to Bali and how their work, lifestyle, mood and style has evolved.

Rosalie, you recently said you moved to Bali to find balance in life and to slow down. 

It does sound super cliche, moving to Bali to slow down and find yourself... but it is cliche for a reason. 
I am busier than ever here but, I somehow feel I have the capacity to take on more. Staying in Auckland I couldn’t allow myself to grow. 
I needed a new way of living to give myself more clarity. Coming to Bali I now have time and space to think, what do I want to achieve? It’s allowed me peace and quiet and the room to see the future more clearly.

What have you learnt during this time of reflection?

Myles and I have found it amazing and so interesting. We’ve had so many conversations about what we want to do in the future. We are really grateful that we have been able do this and took the risk to do it. It's made us understand a bit more about ourselves.
I've really got to grips with the life/balance part. Being able to wake up, feel calm. I have slowed down, I work out, I eat my breakfast. Enjoying the day. Not rushing from one thing to another and another, feeling like my day is a total shit-show. 
Everyone is always trying to work out that balance of work, health, friends, life. I think when I go back I will take back what I have learnt. 

How did the move to Bali impact your approach to style.

I have always loved style and how it makes me feel. Moving to Bali I have put more energy into my style and how it makes me feel. Being more adventurous, just wearing things that I love. Wearing what I want, not just what I think I should wear. I stopped overthinking things.

Anywhere near the beach and summery I always feel inspired. 
The beach. Blue skies. It brings me so much happiness. So yes it has affected my style.

Have you taken on any self-care practices?

I light an incense every night. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I never did it in Auckland. It's such a calm way to go to sleep, lighting my incense and applying my night cream. Not scrolling through my phone, especially at night. My mindset, how I approach situations now is so different and that in turn has had a big impact on me. It’s reduced my anxiety a lot and left me feeling really positive.


What inspires you right now? 


The ocean, being by the beach. The Summer. It is such a positive energy. I don't know 100% what it is, but I get the same feeling at Piha Beach, even on a rainy day. You look out at this big ocean and realise we're just these little people on this big Earth. You just have to do what makes you happy.





 Rosalie at home in Bali, photographed by Myles 

Bali is inspiring for me. 

The beautiful furniture and pottery, the beaches, the people. You’re just surrounded by beauty.


How do you feel your inspiration has evolved since moving to Bali?

Right now I’m trying to focus less on what influencers are doing. I am inspired by people being super authentic . Someone being just them. Which makes me feel like I can be myself. That has been a realisation in Bali. 
You can see it a mile off. Someone is just themselves. He’s going to hate me saying this, but in that respect, not even just in a style perspective, Myles has that attitude to life. He is just always himself and he doesn’t care what other people think.  I’m doing me and that’s what you’re gonna get. And he’s my husband so that’s pretty cool.

You worked in PR, how do you think that has impacted you today?

I worked at Showroom 22 for just over 2 years. So cool. A whole new experience for me... an entrance into the world of fashion, it was so fast paced. You have be a hustler, I'm not sure if I was a hustler enough, but I worked hard. Murray my boss there was absolutely epic. He’s also someone I find super inspiring. After two years I was ready to go out on my own and Myles gave me the courage to do that. I learnt a lot there. You have to hustle, you have to work hard for your clients and I think I needed to learn that. I manage myself so PR gave me that experience.  Myles supports me massively in what I do, obviously, he takes all my photos!

What playlist would you recommend for a chilled evening Myles?

All my playlists are designed to fit a mood or a moment. One of my longest running playlists that I started 6 years ago is ‘Pinot Noir & Black Coffee’ — and it’s a catalog of nearly 600 timeless songs old and new songs for serenading dinner parties or breakfast in bed. But I’ve got a playlist locked and loaded for summer afternoons, sitting on the beach, ramping up, ramping down or finding solace. I love to share music and never let a good song go past me without filing it into one of these playlists, so I’d love anyone to check out my Spotify and see if they resonate with it.

You've DJ'd at some epic places — what’s your favourite to date?

For me, the dream is always playing music to people on or near the beach… outdoor settings create musical journeys and experiences that you just don’t get inside. Playing into the sunset beside the beach at Splore (a 3 day Arts & Music Festival in NZ) is always my favourite festival set of the year, and I’m amped to come back for a 4th year in 2023! I also played on a sandbar in Fiji that was only visible at low tide… halfway through a tropical storm hit and the tide was coming in and we were trying to load speakers and DJ gear onto a boat in knee deep water in the middle of the ocean! And of course playing at The Lawn (beach club) in Canggu, Bali where I’ve been the resident DJ for the past few months has been incredible… literally playing in front of the most stunning ocean and palm tree backdrop.

Artist Riz Riz Rizz  solo show at The Medium in Canggu, Bali


You have a unique sense of style, who inspires your style? And who would you want to invite to dinner past or present?

I'm gonna roll these into one because for me style influencers are more about people with an ethos. And they are also the people I’d want to hang with. For example I reckon Keith Richards is the man because he represented such a major shift in culture for his time, but he also gave no fucks, lived completely recklessly and survived to tell the tale. 
Jay Adams has been my hero forever — he’s the Lords of Dogtown skater that totally ripped and was 100% pure in his passion, while never giving in to the corporations, they call him the ”original spark that ignited the sport”, he was never successful financially and got into a heap of trouble, but he is fully authentic, and that’s what’s cool. 
Torren Martyn is a surfer who is also massively inspiring just because he is living his life in a pilgrimage for waves and adventure, he has incredible style in surfing and life and just represents such an honest and pure and humble mindset. 
Arc Dusk candle

I love Dusk. Lilac bloom, tobacco & ylang ylang. Every time I light it at home I love it. It sits next to our record player.
Myles is really obsessed with it too, even friends who have come over say they really want to purchase it, it’s so unique.
Smokey and delicious just perfect.

Best place to chill in Bali? 


Ubud, and the beaches in Uluwatu. Bingin. 
Pyramids of Chi - sound healing in Ubud. Surrounded by monkeys and waterfalls. Even the rain is so calming and relaxing, it fits with the vibe in Ubud. Sitting in a cafe, drinking a coffee surrounded by rain.




Bali has been epic for us, the people are beautiful and kind, the waves are amazing and it’s just been so fun and inspiring. Definitely the kind of place that feels like a second home and just gets better the longer you spend here. You can find whatever you’re looking for here — we certainly have!


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