Better Burn

Better Burn

With a little care and candle etiquette, you can make sure your Arc candle burns cleanly for its whole life.
Read on for our tips for the perfect Arc candle experience. 


1. Before You Burn 

Trim your wick. The ideal height is about 6mm above the wax. Trimming your wick will help your candle burn efficiently and avoid mushrooming, which can lead to excess soot on your vessel and in your home. Let your candle cool down completely before attempting any cuts. 

2. First Time

When you light your candle for the first time, allow it to burn until the entire surface of wax has melted — this will prevent tunnelling and memory rings. 

3. Take A Rest

Keep your burn to about four hours at a time. Once your candle has only about 10mm of wax left in the vessel, it’s time to retire it, remove any remaining wax, wash the vessel out with hot, soapy water ready to reuse or repurpose and continue its life.

4. Keep It Clean 

Keep your candle’s surface free of debris like soot and wick trimmings.