Sustainability is integral to our design and decision making. Arc embodies beauty in its simplicity, a minimalist expression of the curves we find in the land, the sea and the sky. We always seek a connection to nature. We're on a journey, we've made a positive start and are excited about what we can do next. We believe our brand can have a positive impact on the world.


Our design philosophy is to create long lasting objects through craftsmanship with a simple and timeless sculptural expression. Our mouth-blown glass vessels are an object of beauty that can be reused and repurposed. We've used stained glass, not painted, designed to last and stay beautiful, no scratches.
After a candle is fully burnt down, any remaining wax can be removed and then washed out with hot soapy water to regenerate the vessel and continue its life.

Wax and Wick

We use 100 per cent natural botanical wax and lead-free unbleached cotton wicks. All of our candles are paraffin-free. Our candles use a blend of soy botanical wax. All of our candles are hand poured in Aotearoa, New Zealand.



Our fragrances are created using natural essential oils and phthalate-free natural fragrances.



We've set out to minimise our packaging and design out waste. Our candle boxes are beautiful to create opportunities for them to be re-used and re-purposed. Our boxes are made using recycled paper stock, and are fully recyclable.