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Introducing artist Cindy Leong. Cindy takes us through her studio discussing her art practise, mindfulness and style. 

Introduce us to the world in which your paintings take place?

The world which takes place in my studio, is a safe haven, a quiet refuge from the external noise outside. It is a dedicated environment I give myself to slow down and connect with my being through the process of creation. Complete focus and authenticity is required. Often, I enter a flow state when painting, it transports me to another world, one where time does not exist.

Your artwork involves a methodical series of mark making which involves
painstaking precision and patience, do you find this a cathartic process?

The intention in my practice, through the process of repetitive mark making is to achieve a calmer and quieter state of mind. The repetitive and focused action puts me in a trance like state, similar to reciting a mantra, it is extremely cathartic.

Your art in all forms evokes a sense of calm, is this a conscious decision?

My painting process is grounded in the practice of meditation for both myself as the artist, and for the viewer contemplating the works. I am someone who is quite sensitive to sensory overload, so I often find myself retreating to places where I feel like I can breathe out in a sigh of relief. I create art I personally would want to share a space with. I have previously described that my works aim for “the transcendental calm that one may feel when they are met with the ocean horizon encompassing their field of vision”.

How much of the natural world informs your art? 

Almost entirely… I am informed by the colour palette, its organic textures, its movement, its slow release of time, its impermanence, also its creation of “me” as the creator of “my/our” art, after all I (and we) are a part of nature too.

What is on your art/design/fashion wishlist?

I’m someone who is quite minimal, to be honest I don’t have anything on my wish list! What I can say though, is that there are many artists and makers whose work I am admire at Public Record. Also, my partner who has started a woodworking studio KIN recently made me a beautiful bedside table which I had on my wish list.

Do you have any daily rituals you live by?

No strict rituals…I just let the day naturally unfold as it will. Though I do find myself generally meditating and doing a little yoga in the morning, drinking tea and going for walks in the afternoon and journaling or reading at night before bed.


How does lighting a candle affect your space mental or physical?

I find myself reserving candles for special days when I feel like I need extra company. The presence of a dancing flame, paired with an imbuing scent omits a calming and nurturing energy to the space, it feels like a warm hug on a rainy afternoon.

Past or present, which 5 people would you invite to a dinner party?

I'm considering picking my 5 favourite comedians so I would have a fun night of laughter! But if I were to choose people who might leave a meaningful influence on me, at this moment in time it would consist of Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Agnes Martin, Thich Nat Hanh and Rick Rubin (I highly recommend his book The Creative Act: A Way of Being).

Cindy has an upcoming exhibition at Leighton Contemporary. Explore more of Cindy's work here

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